The Schools Project Project in Delhi is reaching hundreds of children in the poorer areas of the city. The uplift in school attendance, achievement and behaviour is remarkable.

This project aims to provide support and positive activity beyond the school gate through the great services of the Delhi Hurricanes coaches and players. This project helps children in schools in poorer areas of Delhi, enjoy the beautiful game of Rugby. The project sponsor, Alex Murphy, asked for donations of kit to take with us on a project visit. The picture above shows only a small element of the donations received including kit, balls, boots, bags, pumps, bibs, tag sets etc etc. Over 1000 items have arrived. Asian Sports Foundation teams up with the Atlas Foundation to support Delhi Schools Project.‍

Kit donors

number of partners helped to support and gather together this treasure chest of kit including; British Airways Community, Nat West, Rugby Football, HGV Direct, RAM Rugby, Asian Sports Foundation, The Rob Stevenson Trust, Nick Scott, Gareth Thomas, John Rouse, Vanessa Gray, Distinction, Duraflex, Rob Warburton, Patrick Stephenson and Scott Clarke at Leicester Tigers.‍