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Measuring Success

Our vision is focused on supporting people, communities and organisations to work together to tackle inequalities and adopt long-term approaches getting more people active, more often, through sport and physical activity. Through this approach we believe we will help to create healthier, happier, safer, more connected communities where there is equality of opportunity for all.

In terms of the success of this strategy we very much seethis around the following key concepts and will focus ourmonitoring and evaluation around recording these impacts:

  1. More Active
  2. More Connected
  3. In Control

These objectives fit with both the individuals who participatein projects run through our delivery network as well as partnerorganisations we are supporting to develop more inclusivepractices.

More Active

We will record the impact of our projects on an individual level,recording changes in behaviour and working to understandhow these changes have happened and how they can besstained. At an organisational level we will also record the number of national and regional partners we work with to support their own strategies around diversity, inclusion and tackling inequalities.

More Connected

We will work with individuals on our projects to understand how sport and physical activity is helping them to connect with the wiser community, the impact it is having on loneliness and isolation and use this information to inform future approaches. At an organisational level we will record the number of partnerships we are able to broker at local, regional and national level and the impact of these partnerships on participation levels.

In Control

We will record the progress made with supporting individuals and organisations within our delivery network to become more sustainable, we will measure the levels of funding we are able to help source on their behalf and also track improvements with regards to key aspects of organisational capacity and development.