ASF has developed a one day workshop designed to help organisations improve their understanding of the UK’s growing minority ethnic communities.

  • Tackling current inactivity among certain groups is a key priority for government
  • In order to meet this aim, sporting organisations, nationally, regionally and locally, need to work to improve low representation of these communities among players, coaches and sporting body leaders
Why is Cultural Diversity Important

There are three fundamental benefits of better cultural diversity:

  • Increasing the Talent Pool: The minority ethnic population as a whole is increasing compared to white population. Nurturing young players will allow access to a new untapped talent
  • Improving Social Cohesion: Increase local and national social impact by addressing sporting and health inequalities through behaviour change
  • The Commercial Case: Potential audiences with significant spending power if engaged correctly.

Our Approach to Cultural Insight Training

It’s all about helping participants to get a better sense of the flavour of multicultural Britain. We take them beyond just the facts and figures to real insight into what makes minority ethnic communities tick.

  • We provide an intensive, one day workshop, designed to fully engage participants through an interactive process of quizzes and syndicated group activity
  • We leave participants with deeper insight into what drives attitudes that impact on sports participation and how best to engage ethnic minority communities
In the sessions we will cover:
  • The UK’s Multicultural Landscape
  • Cultural Insight
  • Behaviours and Attitudes to Sports
  • Communication & Engagement
  • What does this mean for you?

The Workshops:
  • Up to 10 participants in each session
  • Two workshop leaders
  • Each participant provided with workshop information packs for continued learning